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NCP 2023

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Nordic Culture Point  &  SIM Residency



Inari Sandell is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Helsinki. Their lens-based and sculptural work takes form as installations, addressing themes of coping, rest and sensory experience entangled with post-digital and post-human millennial existence. Often inspired by mundane objects, Sandell’s work combines photography and moving image with delicate textile and sharp and heavy materials like glass and metal. 

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I capture specific biotopes via various camera technologies and softwares, and proceed to work with these bits and pieces of nature based on their virtual outcome. I am interested in various processes of learning from- and interpreting our surroundings and the species we co-exist with, through a scientific and technological approach to image-making, inquiring into the way they alter our scopic regimes. My works explore the omnipresence of the digital in our experience of the world as well as the inability of technology to adequately articulate matter’s complexity. 

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Ingrid  Bjørnaali

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I am a performance artist, dancer and archaeologist. My sense of aesthetics rises from playful bodily inquiry, theoretical rigor and messy poetics. In my artistic works I construct complex understandings of reality aiming toward the subconscious. During my residency time in SÍM I will research social image flows, tourism and heritage-making in Iceland as a performance with possibly fatal effects.

(Photographer: Hrafnkell Birgisson)

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Ruta Spelskyte / drifter, storyteller

I am interested in the poetics of human magnetoreception as a sense that could be trained and regained. My research mingles geological, neurological, and biological approaches to its main component - magnetite. I use it to construct sensory devices and structures for future humans and contemplate worlds of sci-fi and extro sci-fi.

My previous work dealt largely with alive organisms in the hope to find the balance between usage and appreciation, imagining intra-active relationships, scenarios of learning from non-human and future alchemy.

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Rūta Spelskytė

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Laura Dahlberg

Laura Dahlberg is an artist who works with installation and sculpture. Her main interest is to find ways to co-existence with machines, matter and other species in our shared environment. Dahlberg’s practice often focuses on immersive and interactive situations, which are based on the sense of absurdness and various sensory experiences. She is interested in creating these situations for example with experimental sculpture materials, interactive electronics, motors, sensors, sounds and smells.

Dahlberg earned her BA in fine arts from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, including exchange studies at the St Lucas School of Arts in Belgium and earned her MA from sculpture department at The University of the Arts Helsinki. She has had exhibitions in both Finland and Belgium. She lives and works in Helsinki.

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Aukse Miliukaite studied at the UAL, graduated BA and MA painting in Vilnius Academy of Arts. In her latest works, artist creates experiential painting installations, activating different senses for the exhibitor. Aukse perceives creativity as a medium between senses and natural processes. As a result, she usually uses painting that connects the experience of human and nature (through plants, liquids, weather, geological processes, change of matter). Using not only vision, but also other senses, she explores possibilities of painting to convey information. By transforming information, artist explores identity and her perception of the reality. During this residency artist will continue her research and work on water, fluids and ice. 

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Auksė Miliukaitė

Tomas Dauksa.jpg

Tomas Daukša

My work explores the relationship between naive happiness and recycling culture. With influences as diverse as Derrida and L Ron Hubbard, new tensions are crafted from both simple and complex textures. Ever since I was a pre-adolescent I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the moment. What starts out as vision soon becomes morphed into a cacophony of senseless exploration, leaving only a feeling of decadence and the prospect of a new synthesis. As spatial replicas become transformed through emergent and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the limits of our imagination.

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