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dear beloved

(used textiles and plastics, water, frozen collective fluids, found and bought glass, borrowed stones, sand, piece of wood and shells, found tail and golf ball, thread, roses, smells, popcorn, sugar, inherited beads)

my dear beloved
precious cracking melting dripping deliciously calming
lulling rusting
ashy sweet

in pumping beating sweating

let me dream of dreams
where we meet

pure lightness of pink shine
kisses icesurfed
rainbowed sunglassed polished
fragile touch

your carefully touched
dreamy puffy sugar cones

sweet love,
let me dream of dreams
where we meet

Site specific installation is created for holding and caring for waters that intertwine among bodies. During the residency (which is based in a house built as a dairy farm) different fluids were collected that we as residents were sharing and frozen into the shapes of used plastics. Womb-like space is a reminiscence of water as a source.

Name :

Aukse Miliukaite

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Project :

dear beloved

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Grants :

Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for Culture

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