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Seljavegur - is situated in the western part of Reykjavík city center in one of SIM's most popular local artist`s studio spaces. In 2019 the residency apartment was moved to the second floor of the building for practical reasons, however, the magnificent view over the ocean towards Snæfellsjökull (Snaefellsnes Glacier) is still able to be enjoyed.  


Seljavegur 32 is 10-minute walk from the old city center of Reykjavík. Close by are libraries, museums, galleries, bus stops, supermarkets, a hardware store, swimming pools, cinemas, the University of Iceland, restaurants, etc. 

The Residency apartment consists of 9 private single bedroom/studios, one private single bedroom with separated individual studio, and one double bedroom/studio. The central residency location allows artists easy access to libraries, museums, and galleries. It is a perfect residency location for research-based art projects.  Every month Seljavegur residency can host up to 11 artists, which makes the shared space active, alive, and vibrant. Perfectly suitable for shorter stay residencies.



The residency apartment consists of:

-9 private single bedrooms/studios

-one private bedroom (No. 10) with separated individual studio

-one double bedroom/studio (No. 11).

Each bedroom is furnished with a work desk, pinboard, single bed, two chairs, chest of drawers, wardrobe and mirror.

Fee per month

Room 1 = 12 sqm / 550 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View)

Room 2 = 10 sqm / 500 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View)

Room 3 = 10 sqm / 500 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View)

Room 4 = 17 sqm / 700 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 5 = 17 sqm / 700 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 6 = 17 sqm / 700 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 7 = 17 sqm / 700 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 8 = 17 sqm / 700 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 9 = 10 sqm / 455 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio)

Room 10 = 10 sqm (Single Bedroom/Studio) + Individual Studio 18 sqm / 800 EUR 

Room 11 = 30 sqm / 800 EUR (Double Bedroom/Studio, possible for two persons the room fee is fixed - 1140 EUR for an individual or a pair)

The residency fee must be paid at least 9 weeks prior to arrival.

For residencies longer than one month, the fee for the first month is to be paid 9 weeks in advance, the fee for the second and third month can be paid at the start of that month, at the SIM Office using credit or debit card.

The granted residency period is not secure until fee payment is processed. If the residency fee and flight information are not provided by the artist 9 weeks prior to arrival, the granted residency period may be cancelled automatically without notification.

The residency fee covers the cost of running the program. It does not constitute rent, and the artist, therefore, does not obtain the legal status of tenant.

Two people can share rooms at Seljavegur (room 11 at 1140.00 EUR per month), and Korpúlfsstaðir (room 7 at 1040.00 EUR per month).

The Residency fee includes: wifi in all residency apartments and studios; parking in both locations; a set of towels and bedding; all communal utencils and equipment in the kitchen; cleaning equipment and supplies; iron and ironing board; washing machine; blow dryer; cost of electricity, heating, cold/hot water.

Not included in the resdiency fee: food, work materials or supplies, insurance, travel expenses, travel costs, other living costs, workshop fees, work materials.

Cancellation policy


If cancelled 4-8 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date, 50% of the residency fee is refunded.

If cancelled 0-4 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date, no refund is available.

The refund will always be in ISK, from the exact day the fee was received by SÍM. Bank transfer costs will be subtracted from the refund amount.

Amendments to the rules of the payment and cancellation due to COVID-19. Policy to be applied from 1st January 2021 till December 31st 2021:

-if appeared/extended restrictions or other reasons caused by global pandemic will affect artists' arrival, SIM Residency in the first place will offer to reschedule granted residency period to upcoming months, in the most complicated situations we will do a full refund. 


SIM Residency does not require artists to pay a safety deposit.

However, on arrival, artist‘s are required to sign a Deposit Agreement between SÍM and the artist.

The Deposit Agreement requires artist‘s provide their credit card details as an insurance against loss of keys (35,00 EUR), guest cards (15,00 EUR) or in the case of a cleaning fee (80,00 EUR). SÍM maintains the right to apply extra charges to the artist if he/she or his/her guest/visitor violates SIM Residency rules or damages property, the household, or equipment. Charges will be applied accordingly for the cost of repairs or services required.

Credit cards will never be charged if the artist does not lose keys, guest cards, and leaves the residency apartment clean after their stay.

The Deposit Agreement will be cancelled, and the document destroyed one week after an artists departure, once an inspection of the room/studio has been undertaken.


Artists are responsible for their own travel insurance, including health insurance required by their country of residence.

Safety and Security

Upon arrival, artists receive an individual set of keys. Keys are for the main doors of the residency building, and for each artist’s room/studio.

Artists are responsible for their belongings and should keep their room locked at all times.

SIM Residency does not take responsibility for an individual artist‘s belongings in case of theft, fire, water damage, flood, or other accidents.

In extreme emergency situations artists should call 112 to seek help. In other cases, if the matter is not urgent or life threatening, contact the SIM Residency management.

Both SIM Residency apartments have licences from the Icelandic fire department, which adhere to safety regulations including the installation of smoke detectors in each room/studio and communal areas, as well as first aid equipment.

Project Space


If an artist requires a more spacious working area or the bedroom/studio space doesn’t suit their needs, there are shared Project spaces within the building that are available for use as well.



The living area includes a living room with TV and sofa, a fully equipped kitchen, communal bathroom and shower facilities, washing machine, hair dryer and iron. Included in the residency fee are sheets, towels, all detergents, water, electricity, heating, and internet access for laptops. Free parking is available.



Artists in residence are allowed to have one guest staying with them at a time in the room. Children under 14 years cannot stay in the residency. Guests at Seljavegur can stay for a maximum of two weeks. The guest fee depends on the length of stay: 18.000 ISK for each week per person or 2.500 ISK per night for stays shorter than a week. Payment can be made during your stay at our office.  All guests are provided with bedding, towels and an extra bed.  We also urge you to look into staying at the SIM guest house at Hafnarstræti 16. For further information please visit: 

Guests have to respect the house rules and artists take full responsibility for their guests during their stay. 



Artists are required to keep their own bedrooms/studios and shared facilities clean and are expected to leave the apartment in good condition. A deposit agreement is made between SIM and artists on arrival.

A granted residency is from the second to the last day of the relevant month.



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- Ocean View

- 12 sqm

- 550 Euro / month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- Ocean View

- 10 sqm

- 500 Euro / month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- Ocean View

- 10 sqm

- 500 Euro / month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 17 sqm

- 700 Euro /month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 17 sqm

- 700 Euro /month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 17 sqm

- 700 Euro /month


- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 17 sqm

- 700 Euro /month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 17 sqm

- 700 Euro /month



- Single Bedroom / Studio 


- 10 sqm

- 455 Euro /month



- Single Bedroom


- 10 sqm

- Individual Studio 

- 18 sqm

- 700 Euro /month



- Double Bedroom / Studio 


- 30 sqm

- 900 Euro /month



Project Space