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I/OF.K.40+ - The Lecture

Online Event Michael Richardt
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I/OF.K.40+ - The Lecture

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Feb 08, 10:00 AM – Feb 14, 12:00 AM


I/OF.K.40+ - The Lecture 

For this lecture, you will need a scarf or an eye mask.  

His burnt face staring back through my eyes in the mirror, playfully waving those long blades at me.  

My already dark reality had become a perfectly expanded cinematic backdrop, fading in his distilled and flaming gaze. 

Paralyzed and cornered,  the iridescent bubble formed and carried me to my destiny and chosen profession: strong free R18+ Content may include prolonged scenes of intense violence, sexual situations, coarse language, and strong drug use.  


Michael Richardt DK/NI is a performance artist, specialised in long-durational performance. He trained as a dancer and an oil-painter. His practise involves visual arts, sculpture, film, writing and music. He is interested in performative structures to evoke transformative spaces within an active observer. Tornadoes and other natural phenomenon's play a central role in his work and are used to describe human complexities. He is searching for a utopic non-violent language, which transcends across cultural and religious landscapes. Since 2012 he has worked with his heritage, making performances and film about his Danish mother and his Nigerien father.