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  • Are there any grants or other financial assistance available?
    SÍM Residency does not have a funding board or body attached to it. We also do not offer scholarships or stipends. It is advised that you seek funding in your own country; most Icelandic funding is especially for Icelandic projects or artists.
  • What living expenses are artists responsible for? What is the average budget per month?
    Your residency fee covers your accommodation room-studio space. All other costs are the responsibility of the artist. It is good to budget with a minimum of 10.000 - 12.000 ISK per week for food. Otherwise, all expenses depend on what kind of experience you seek. It is good to budget for trips out of town and exploring Iceland.
  • Where can I stay before/after the granted residency period?
    If your arrival/departure dates not matching precisely with the granted residency period, you can book and stay at our downtown SÍM guest house. All accepted artists will receive a 20% discount coupon for all SÍM Guesthouse bookings.
  • What are the arrival and departure dates?
    - Artists can apply for a residency period of 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months. - The granted residency period is from the second (due to national bank holidays in Iceland, the residency program starts from 3rd day of January, May and April)to the last day of the relevant month. - The SÍM Residency is not available for stays of less than one month. However, shorter stays of up to two weeks are possible at the SÍM Guesthouse. - Artists staying in either SÍM Residencies - Seljavegur and Korpúlfsstaðir - are welcome to arrive at any time of the day or night. - A week before arrival, artists will receive an email with arrival information and instructions on how to find the residency apartment. - Artists can be accepted to the Residency a maximum of 3 times. (*This rule will be exempt if available rooms or studios exist and no one is on the waiting list.)
  • How should I get to the residency building from the airport?
    After you complete the residency fee payment for your residency stay and have one month left till your arrival, you will receive an email with all arrival information and much more. From Keflavik airport to Selajvegur residency apartment: Address: Seljavegur 32, 101, Reykjavik 1 - you can pre-book flybys ticket online direction from Keflavik airport to BSÍ to Grandi by Center hotels. From the hotel, it will take you 3min walk up the street to Seljavegur 32. Flybuses will be waiting outside accordingly to each flight arrival time. 2 - you can rent a carr from the flybus partnerships for one day - 3 – If you wish to take a cab, please send an email, to a taxi company, with a: your full name flight number address that you are going to phone number The letter mentions that you wish to book a direct shuttle taxi from the airport to your location at a fixed price. From Keflavik airport to residency apartment: Residency address: SÍM Residency Korpúlfsstaðir Thorsvegur 1, 112 Reykjavik 1 – take a flybus to Reykjavik's bus terminal (BSI). Book flybus ticket online, and have it printed. The drive takes about 50 min. Then from the BSI you can pick up a taxi to the residency apartment ( approx. 7.000 ISK) or jump in City Bus number 6 goes from BSI to Korpúlfstaðir 550 Kr., you can pay with coins on the bus but the only exact amount, bus drivers don't have a change. Also, you can download the app Klapp and get passes by using the app. The bus stop is on Hringbraut (when you stand in front of the BSI main door, you see a bus stop, walk towards that, but keep walking up the street, when on Hringbraut, turn right when you see a bus stop) see more at You can put in the request of finding a route from BSÍ to Korpúlfsstaðir, it's bus number 6 as said before, and it stops at 'Mosavegur'. From that stop, it's an approximately 8-minute walk to Korpúlfsstaðir. 2 - you can rent a carr from the flybus partnerships for one day - 3 – If you wish to take a cab, please send email, to taxi company, with a: · your full name · flight number · address that you going to · phone number · in the letter mention that you wish to book a direct shuttle taxi from airport to your location with a fixed price. The Reykjavík City bus stops near by the house with Bus 6 going all the way downtown.
  • What kind of working equipment SÍM Residency can provide?
    We recommend artists bring their own working equipment, especially if artists work with sound or projections. Renting additional equipment in reykjavík can be pricy. We do have a couple of TV screens, projectors, speakers, headphones, basic working tools, and a sewing machine. We advise artists to look into our partner's professional workshops, as they can offer all equipment that artists might need for their projects
  • Where should I send a post package?
    All letters, and packages should be sent to the SÍM Office address: YOUR NAME SÍM Residency Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Ísland It might take around two weeks to get your package. Plan it before your arrival. IMPORTANT: Any medication won't pass through customs without a local Icelandic doctor's prescription/permission to receive medication from abroad by post. If you have health issues and you have to use regular medicaments, or you want to have something in case you will need it, make sure that you take it with you in a suitcase during your arrival. Note that all shipments to Iceland - are being taxed. If you are planning to send art equipment, most likely, you will have to pay an extra fee to get released from customs. Get cleared out by your delivery company if taxes will be charged or not. We highly recommend contacting your airline; some accept additional packages for a fair enough price. In that way, you will avoid the cost of taxes, and you will be sure that all your art equipment will stay with you from the first day of your stay.
  • Do I need VISAS?
    For detailed information about the VISAS, please visit Iceland`s Directorate of Immigration.
  • Does SÍM Residency provide a vehicle during the stay?
    Unfortunately, for the moment we can`t offer those facilities. You will have to rent a car from rental companies. We highly recommend - note* - plan and book the newsletters from the carr rental company. It happens that several times per year their offer discounts. For a winter season for your safety and comfort, book only a 4x4 or SUV.
  • Can I have a guest during my stay?
    Artists are not allowed to host any guests at the residency apartment over night. While staying in the residency, SÍM Residency artists receive a discount of 20% at SÍM Guesthouse for visiting guests or if artists wish to stay in Reykjavík before/after the residency program. Selected artists will receive a coupon code for a discount via email. Children under 14 years cannot stay in the guesthouse. The guests can stay for a maximum of two weeks.
  • When can I apply?
    SÍM residency has two open calls during the year: -from 1st till 31st of December for upcoming July - December -from 1st till 30th June for the upcoming January - June *additional announcements for rooms/studios availabilities due to cancellations are available with our newsletters, and applications for short-notice availabilities are accepted throughout the year. To receive the latest news, please subscribe to our newsletter. follow our web page, Instagram, or Facebook to get notifications. You are always welcome to drop a line for us and see if we have any available rooms.
  • What is the residency fee?
    Seljavegur Residency Room 1 = 12 sqm / 650 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View) Room 2 = 10 sqm / 600 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View) Room 3 = 10 sqm / 600 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio, Ocean View) Room 4 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 5 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 6 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 7 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 8 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 9 = 10 sqm / 500 EUR(Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 10 = 10 sqm / 850 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio) + Individual Studio 18 sqm Room 11= 30 sqm / 850 EUR for one artist (Double Bedroom/Studio), possible for two persons, the room price is 1.140,00 EUR for an individual a pair. Korpúlfsstaðir Residency Room 1 = 15 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 2 =12 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio+ separated individual studio place in shared space) Room 3 = 12 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio+ separated individual studio place in shared space) Room 4 = 17 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 5 =15 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 6 =15 sqm / 750 EUR (Single Bedroom/Studio) Room 7 =19 sqm / 850 EUR for one artist (Double Bedroom/Studio) possible for two persons; the room price is 1.040,00EUR for individuals or a pair). You will find more information about the Rooms/Studios here: For Seljavegur: For Korpúlfsstaðir: - The residency fee is divided into installments: 1st installment is to be paid within two weeks after receiving a letter of invitation and signing the contract SÍM Residency artist-in-residence program confirming residency period, location, and bedroom/studio booking; artists must cover 200 EUR as a security deposit. 2d installment - the rest of the residency fee from the general residency fee (depending on confirmed bedroom/studio fee) artists will be able to cover upon arrival to the residency program in the first week at the SÍM´s office with debit or credit cards. - An official letter confirming artists' participation in the residency program will be issued only after receiving the 1st residency fee installment. - For residencies longer than one month, the fee for the following months can be paid separately at the SÍM´s office with a debit or credit card. - The residency fee covers the cost of running the program. It does not constitute rent, and the artist, therefore, does not obtain the legal status of the tenant. The Residency fee includes: wifi in all residency apartments and studios; parking in both locations; a set of towels and bedding; all communal utencils and equipment in the kitchen; cleaning equipment and supplies; iron and ironing board; washing machine; blow dryer; cost of electricity, heating, cold/hot water. Not included in the resdiency fee: food, work materials or supplies, insurance, travel expenses, travel costs, other living costs, workshop fees, work materials.
  • Should I bring my towels and bed linens?
    Included in the residency fee are sheets, towels, water, electricity, heating, and internet access for laptops.
  • Where can I find all the useful information about my stay?
    After you proceed with the residency fee you will get permission to log in to the member's area. There you will see all the useful information for your stay: arrival information, monthly residency program, dates of events, different types of notes/directions, helpful contacts and advice to organize safe road trips, and the best tips to explore Icelandic nature.
  • Credit/debit card or cash?
    In all places in Iceland, you can pay with debit or credit cards. Cash is not necessary, if you wish to have cash you can exchange them at the Keflavík airport upon arrival. For your safety, we highly recommend issuing a credit card, as well as many apps that you might need to use for getting around in Iceland that require you to connect with a credit card. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.
  • Can SÍM Residency issue a letter of invitation?
    An official letter confirming artists' participation in the residency program will be issued only after receiving the 1st residency fee installment.
  • For how long should I apply?
    The residency period is granted for the shortest of one-month residency. Artists can choose arrival and departure dates depending on their timeline availabilities, but the residency fee needs to be covered for the entire month. We hilly recommend that artists apply for at least a two-month residency program. One month passes so fast that often artists find it too short and not enough time to realize their art project. The perfect time frame to get to know the environment and to work on art projects in depth is a free month period.
  • Can artists apply with children?
    Unfortunelty, our residency apartments are not suitible for families and childrens.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Due to shared facilities, we do not allow artists to bring any pets into the residency apartment. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) has strict regulations on importing any pets in Iceland that require to present several vaccination certificates, and all pets need to pass a certain time of quarantine isolation.
  • Can artists with disabilities participate in the residency program?
    Due to limited access to the residency apartments, we can´t meet safety requirements. Both residency apartments are located on the second floor that can be accessed by using staircases.
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