SIM Residency Self-directed Artist-in-residence program

We are open for applications now! 

Period July - December 2021

Deadline - 15TH February 2021

A detailed plan for Self-directed residency program ABOUT

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SIM Residency is open and keeps its activities, we do take important safety measures at the SIM Residency apartments during a global pandemic. Each artist that choose to participate in residency program since pandemic started, has arrived and completed residency program successfully.

If you need any information about travel restrictions to Iceland please visit the webpage curated by Iceland's Directorate of Health and The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and Directorate's of Immigration FAQ`S


Regarding travel restrictions to Iceland as a result of COVID-19


BREXIT – The end of transition period on 1st of January 2021


Travel restrictions apply to all third-country citizens*, irrespective of whether the traveller needs a visa or can travel without a visa to the Schengen area. There are, however, certain exemptions from the travel restrictions that are addressed more closely below.

*Third-country citizens are individuals who are neither citizens of EEA/EFTA states nor citizens of Andorra, Monaco, San Marion or the Vatican – irrespective of whether they can normally travel without any restriction.

- Students.
(e.g. interns, trainees, pupils or students attending secondary schools, language schools, boarding schools or vocationalschools, exchange pupils, researchers, scientists, etc.)

The artists’ will need to have the following documents with them:
• A valid travel document and visa (if applicable).

• Declaration on exemption from travel restrictions (see form C).

• Confirmation Letter from the SIM Residency.

At the moment each arriving artist in SIM Residency must pass double testing > first one at the airport upon arrival and second after 5 days. Quarantine is required for the first 5 days; it is allowed to stay in quarantine at SIM Residency apartments under regulations of home-based quarantine.

SIM Residency assists for artists during the 5-day quarantine with food delivery. During quarantine, artists are allowed to go for a walk after the first test results, by keeping safe distancing and wearing masks. To enter any shops, pharmacies, restaurants, bars are strictly forbidden. 

 If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to text us.


February 15th

Accepted applicants will be notified within 6-7 weeks of the deadline.

A bachelor's degree in fine arts or similar qualification is required.

Similar qualification can be for example: Design, Architecture, Photography, Art History, Filmmaking . . .

Your project proposal will be decisive.

Short project description (max. 400 words)

Upload 3 images max 10MB in total. If your files are too big use Iloveimg to compress them without quality loss.

Artists are able to apply for

1 - 3 months.



Read the SIM Rules before you accept them!

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