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SÍM Residency self-directed and self-funded

artist-in-residence program


 upcoming open call for the period January-June 2025 will be open during June 2024

visual/sound art │ performance │ curators │ researchers │ multidisciplinary│ creative writing

More information about the residency program here

Apply for funding - Takk to our friends from TransArtists for collecting all data.

Look at - Culture Moves Europe: mobility grant for artists

Choose Residency
Preferred length of stay

Perfect, thank you for your application!​

All applicants will be notified within 6-7 weeks of the deadline.

*Data protection: Only selected committee members involved in evaluation processes will have access to application data. 

A bachelor's degree or higer education is required.

*if you are self thouth you are welcome to present your CV and art project. Final decigions is up to expert group to decide.  

Short project description (max. 400 words)

Examples: SÍM Projects

Key directions for

art project/research proposals:


#sustainability #ecology

#globalwarming #postmodernsociety #geology #environment #icelandicculture #nature #nordiclanguages


Upload 3 images max 10MB in total. If your files are too big use Iloveimg to compress them without quality loss.

Infos about both residencies:



Artists are able to apply for

1 - 3 months.



Please read and accept our SÍM Residency Rules before you continue with your Application!

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