For the period of January - June 2021.


* Room 11 at SIM Residency Seljavegur is fully booked for a pilot project.

*June at SIM Residency Korpúlfssraðir is fully booked for our partnership programs.

Deadline for applications is 31th of July 2020.

Accepted applicants will be notified within 6-7 weeks of the deadline.

A bachelor degree in fine arts or similar qualification is required.

Similar qualification can be for example: Design, Architecture, Photography, Art History, Filmmaking . . .

Your project proposal will be decisive.

Short project description (max. 400 words)

Upload 3 images max 10MB in total. If your files are too big use Iloveimg to compress them without quality loss.

Artists are able to apply for

1 - 3 months.



June 2021 at SIM Residency Korpúlfssraðir is fully booked for one of our partnership programs.

You will find more informations about the Gallery here.

Read the SIM Rules before you accept them!

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