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It is tempting to call my relationship to water something akin to obsession. Swimming, or rather being in water, feels as if I am dissolved. As if I have become part of it. Perhaps, it is more love than obsession, a kinder, more tender thing.

I spent my time at SIM working with cyanotypes; a slow-reacting alternative photographic process that produces blue high contrast imagery. The images can be exposed by sunlight and fixed in water. I soaked garments in the photosensitive emulsion and then wore them into various bodies of water around Iceland to document the ways in which they were affected and changed by the landscape. Since the exact chemical reactions that happen between the many different mineral rich waters and the photochemistry are unknowable, each cyanotype created was a unique ephemeral piece.

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Livvy Arau McSweeney

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Thank you to the BJ Goodwin Fund from the Northampton Arts Council for supporting this project.

Thank you Caterina Kenworthy and Silvia Gentili for documentation assistance

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