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water knows no boundaries

An on-going artistic research on water as an element that more than any other ties human beings into the world around them.

"How can we reimagine water? How can we move away from water-in-the-abstract and water-as-a-resource notions — towards imagining the entanglement of humans and water, that constitutes both parties, and gives rise to every possibility that is otherwise latent in both water and ourselves? That would mean a profound change in the approach: a shift from objectification of water to thinking with it, and learning from it. That would ultimately mean to reimagine and accept ourselves as the specific kinds of bodies, comprised, transformed and dissolved by different waters; to become the bodies of water."

Name :

Jenni Toivonen

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Project :

water knows no boundaries

Residency :


Month :

May - June

Year :


Grants :

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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