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Walter Markersen archives: Master of the Zone

There was a young lady of Wight
Who traveled much faster than light.
She departed one day,
And arrived on the previous night

In this series Yannis Karpouzis tries to reconstruct Walter Markersen’s “Master of the Zone”, an uncompleted sci-fi film of the 70’s. Markersen (1932- ?), was a Scandinavian avant-guard artist and film-maker, born in Copenhagen. His Icelandic project “Master of the Zone”, was stopped in the middle of the shootings leaving nearly 50 minutes of undeveloped material. Through selected film stills and Markersen’s manuscripts a visual narration is deployed, presenting a dark world of broken time boundaries.

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Yannis Karpouzis

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Walter Markersen archives: Master of the Zone

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March / April

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