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Trails Of Entropy

Trails of Entropy 2021

Utilizing a very long rope, I tracked my location and trail while walking in Iceland. When other people were with me, they also used rope to track the map of our movements. We display life’s movement, and inherently it's chaos, unpredictability, and entropy itself by ex/isting. Through carrying a heavy rope and repeating these patterns of mapping, we also display the behaviors that we submit to illogically and the randomness of our day and night. After using a straight line of rope, we may come across that the rope becomes entangled, circular, patterned, and goes nowhere, yet is a paradox as it becomes part of a greater landscape. This could show us that our movements have ramifications, are disorderly even if perceived as organized, and we should not forget the intangible as we swim through the river of forgetting.

"Today the most important things want to remain invisible. Love is invisible. War is invisible. Capital is invisible.” - Hito Steyerl

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Abby Wright

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Trails Of Entropy

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February - April

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