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My practice focuses on the Anthropocene, the impact and history of human traces on the planet. TOPOPHILIA III addresses the relationship between culture and nature in the landscape of Iceland – a place whose ecosystems are influenced by volcanic eruptions. The sculpture is a consequence of 20 days of walking the land.

Being in landscape and trying to get to its very core is a physical, emotional, and intellectual process that stimulates the whole mind-body connection. If that process of converging with the environment happens, the experience is felt through all senses and later gets connected to rationally classified observations. There lingers an almost unbearable tension between these two ways of apperceiving landscape, as my longing to immerse myself in this sensual bodily experience clashes with my observations of an ecosystem impacted by human force.

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Nadine Baldow

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February / February - April

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This project has been supported by the NEUSTART KULTUR grant of Stiftung Kunstfonds in Germany.

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