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Field recording and Realtime sound visualization

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When you stare at a radiant light, it leaves an afterimage that you can see for a while. Also, when you recall the sound you heard before, it comes up vividly as it is still around your ears. These afterimages are like hallucinations, but they obviously exist in the realm of memory. After passing through your senses and filtering into your memory, an afterimage changes its form depending on the experiences of the perceivers—it becomes a unique echo of the moment. Jin Poong Lee started to create his works after seeing and hearing two different worlds, one is the world as it is, and the other one is the world that has been restructured as time passes. He found the beauty in them, and since then, he has been creating multimedia works combining sounds and visual objects to bring things that are beyond physical frequency to life.
Focused on the three most important aspects of sound—time, life, and space, Jin Poong Lee has been producing numerous works visualizing sounds and data that provide the audience opportunities to see the world differently and also look deep into themselves.

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Jinpoong Lee

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South Korea

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