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During the SIM residency, we are immersed in a dialogue with Iceland's flora and fauna about the present and future role of humans in a world of escalating climate change. Together with moss, lichens, algae and volcanics rocks we embark on a journey to a potential planet that exists simultaneously in the past, now and future. This planet is emblematic of a niche, a yet unknown and unnamed space of thought. Walking on and through it, scanning this unknown space, allows visions of futuristic worlds to emerge. They grow apart in our imagination, like twigs from branches or like sprouting yeast cells. Future sketching is a collective process that brings together different life-forms. By voicing a call for egalitarian co-existence between human and nonhuman as well as for a place for reflection on multispecies entanglements, we question our ideas of living beings as self-contained islands.

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there was will be

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May - June

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