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The rhythm of the impermanent

“The rhythm of the impermanent” is the creative result of an investigation into the sonic and performative possibilities of the northern lights. In this process, I connected with three guiding experiences, memory, death and the sense of ephemeral.

What came out of this original idea was translated into different outputs. First, the composition of three soundscapes and which are part of an album called "Að ferðast". In the composition, I used field recordings obtained through an ELF (extreme low frequencies) receiver, analogue audio processors and samples from films.

At the same time I worked on the development of the artwork for the album based on digitally intervened photographic records. Then I generated a video poem using one of the aforementioned soundscapes along with a poetic text and audiovisual recordings captured during my stay in Reykjavik.

Also I deployed an installation in which I establish a correspondence between the spectrographic visualisation of the sound of the Northern Lights and their visible manifestation in the atmosphere.

For the opening of the exhibition I performed a live showcasing of my last sound work.

Name :

Rodrigo Romero Flores

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Project :

The rhythm of the impermanent

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Grants :

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Award. Minority Ethnic Artists Mentoring & Residency Scheme. 2022

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