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Solid objects

‘It pleased him; it puzzled him; it was so hard, so concentrated, so definite an object compared with vague sea and the hazy shore.’

The project's title is taken from a short story by Virginia Woolf. In it the author mentions a politician, hunting for old bits of glass and china, slowly becoming obsessed in pursuit of these scraps and fragments. Under the weight of his gaze, any given object becomes something more and other than itself; it ‘recomposes itself a little differently in an ideal shape which haunts the brain when we least expect it’. While gathering splinters of specific time and place I questioned the possibilities of preservation of memory, relying on tactile and multisensory experience. I was also interested in researching ways of communication using haptic visuality and connections between everyday, commonness and classical art history.

Name :

Monika Kornilova

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Project :

Solid objects

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Grants :

Culture Moves Europe, Goethe Institute

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