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Sinking Daycaves and Sliding Babygrounds

Sinking Daycaves and Sliding Babygrounds is a video (loop) and photo installation showing photogrammetry scans of matter behaving matter-like, caught in their temporary states in an ongoing terrain-building process. One being a newborn baby terrain emerging from deep within Earth, the other a surface-grinding, melting, sliding, solid water body.

The video shows material captured in Breiðamerkurjökull in the Vatnajökull glacier, most of it captured in one of its moulins; a temporary cave in the upper layer, carved out by flowing water finding its way through.

These rapidly changing landscapes proves hard to measure, monitor and predict about by scientists, and similarly difficult to 3D scan; resulting in fictional, virtual spaces somewhat indexical to reality.

Name :

Bjørnaali, Ingrid

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Project :

Sinking Daycaves and Sliding Babygrounds

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Grants :

Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for Culture

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