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Selkie Tales

Comprised entirely of film samples, Selkie Tales is a portrayal of an Icelandic folklore that bears witness to the metamorphosis of seals into humans as they make merry on land before returning to the sea.

Taking the form of a clash of mainstream and arthouse film scenes, Selkie Tales follows a farmer and Selkie woman as he abducts her seal skin and harbours it in a locked chest. Unable to return to the ocean, the Selkie woman marries the farmer and bears him several children.

What unfolds is a rogue visual retelling of this tale accompanied by an Icelandic narration.
Tune in, switch off and lay with the seals.

I would like to give thanks to the Ian Potter Cultural Trust for their support in undertaking this residency.

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Genevieve Elliott

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Selkie Tales

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Ian Potter Cultural Trust

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