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Prehistoria, Hysteria

Prehistoria, Hysteria is a ongoing body of work that dissects the intricate rhizomatic structures embedded in our relationship to nature. This is realised through moving image, audio, performance and sculpture installations. Relating forms in nature to philosophical, political and social histories, I utilises these relationships to critique colonialism, patriarchy and class. During my time at SíM, I began looking at Ireland's Pre-Christian relationship to the natural and spiritual world and old traditional rituals in the occult. I began exploring how the 'Cailleach' (old Irish witches), their rituals using nature can be used as a symbol of resistance to the patriarchy.

I experimented with modes of display.. with domestic objects and natural found material including dried Lupine (an invasive threatening plant in Iceland) , creating installations that used black silk, rope, chains and glass. Hanging sculptures gathered in my studio, I collected dying bunched plants for full moon rituals, wrote a love letter to the moon which then became an incantation sound piece , a dance work translating the sentence 'Civilisation Did Not Begin With Written Expression' into Ogham Language ( the oldest known written Gaelic language- symbols are named after trees) through the body. A triptych inspired video work on shifting perspectives.

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Laura Skehan

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Prehistoria, Hysteria

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