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Performance by Material.

My influence for this residency was the connection between Scotland and Iceland. Not just the landscapes, shared DNA and stories, but the traditions and life style. I looked at the role of women in Iceland and was blown away at the acceptance historically of women being just as involved as men in roles traditionally in Scotland were male dominated. Whether that be captaining a boat, or farming - you just get on with it. Excellent.

Whilst in Korpulfstaddir, I took daily walks to the shore where I observed a colony of seals. Something I did whilst I was on the Scottish Isle of Shetland - a body of land and people with strong links to the North. I decided to gather the salt water from there and distil it into salt, something I had done previously but from Scottish fishing ports. I then built a Scottish element, a Quaich - traditional drinking vessel, similar to a Viking cup. My mission was to create a performance of material, joining together Iceland and Scotland. As a result I decided not to fire the quaich, leaving the clay raw would mean it could go back to its previous form.
The quaich would become the vessel for the distilled salt, and together they would sit in salt water, an island of land and salt.
Both melting, returning to their original form - clay and salt water.


I am an artist that looks at historical themes and brings them into current conversations. With a heavy emphasis on women in history and the knock on they have, the sometimes unspoken histories. I am interested in inherited knowledge and the unknown influences this has on the direction of our lives. In the geographical impact of culture and the stories passed down through generations.
How songs carry more than just melodies. This is true of anywhere with a strong connection to the past. A diluted version of traditions, but those traditions are based on the behaviours of our ancestors.
My work looks to carry this information in a range of mediums, working with whatever I believe to best represent the idea. I prefer working with my hands and enjoy repeat practices. I work predominantly in ceramics, I find it a great material for many different purposes. I like to keep materials as natural as I can, or look for alternative methods. Such as using found materials to influence and impact the results.

By creating work about history, culture and geography I want my work to be relatable for everyone, there will be some element of the work that is transferable to most people's own lives. I do lots of community engagement and work with local art facilities, creating a safe space for people to involve themselves with art, everyone's input is valuable and respected.

In the future I want to create a base of work that is a reflection of the North East, a conversation between the past and the future, about where we have come from.
To cherish the untold stories and celebrate them.

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Kristina Aburrow

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United Kingdom

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Performance by Material.

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