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On my last Project, I was looking at extremophile organisms like lichen or Icelandic moss. Lichens have been sent to space and have survived the journey. They can live in extreme conditions and under a lot of stress. I linked extremophiles with micro-planets. Lichen can be seen as micro-planets since they host many organisms with in them. It is not only a relationship between fungi and algae, it is known now that they can host more micro-organisms that help them stay alive. Organisms communicate with each other in many ways, trough body signals, language, sounds, and sensory nerves. As humans, we have been trying to communicate with organisms outside earth. If we see lichen as survivors of space, maybe they do come from space? And if they come from space then they communicate in different ways than other organisms on earth. By transforming lichen photographs in to sound I have created fictional ways in which lichen can communicate in their own microbiome.

The video installation also shows fictional new worlds crated between volcano lava, microscopic lichen and ice. They are video fragments created with the help of mirrors, making it look and feel as if they were different micro-planets.

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Ana Parrodi

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July / August

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