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Orbis Interior / Orbis Exterior

People and places remain in dynamic, changing relationships and interdependencies. A given place undergoes constant transformations both over time and in our minds. It’s being is a process. Experiencing a place requires activity. Intellectual, cognitive or sensual effort is needed to understand any place.
For artists, the sense of being in a place, and personal coexistence with it, is more important than the physicality of place and its geographic coordinates. Artists capture a relationship with a place resulting from the subjectivity and immediacy of their experience.
The collaborative work Orbis Interior/Orbis Exterior incorporates visual and narrative references to our experience of the environment and nature of Iceland. It is our commentary on the topic, expressed mainly through hybrid photography, video and sound recordings.
The pandemic reality and long-lasting lockdown radically changed our everyday life. Social isolation measures eroded the barriers between our internal and external lives. We barely leave our homes, choosing to live in isolation and shun the outside world.
We came to Iceland to soak up externality.

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Aleksandra Janik & Grzegorz Gajos

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Orbis Interior / Orbis Exterior

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