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one pot to rule them all

In my sculpture practice, I explore the representation and the conceptions of natural elements. By using classical or experimental technics I imagine different projects that refer to mythology or Art History. I have a particular interest in seashore landscapes and the objects that compose them, such as seashells, cuttlebones, stones etc. I perceive my sculptures as vestiges and fragments, which invite us to contemplate a world in change and in decline.

This project is related to the recent eruption in Fagradalsfjall. By using stones collected from the volcano I made small clay shapes inspired by the texture of lava. Then the clay is fired inside the lava fields to turn it into solid ceramics. This experimental firing only uses the powerful energy of the voclano to creat smalls sculptures also inspired by it. I like the idea of creating a circular process where the final result is as important as its elaboration.

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Denis Macrez

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one pot to rule them all

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