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During the one-month SÍM Residency artist-in-residence program, I was working on a drawing series about the night. Staying closer to the North Pole, at the time around the solstice, gave space to concentrate on exploring darkness and the night lights. I‘m interested in the night as a form of nature that is unavoidable and undestroyable despite all human efforts, as a form of nature passing through the city. I was looking for my subjects in the city and on the way out of the city, where the light pollution gradually disappears and the night sky opens up in all its‘ mystery. Nightlife situations became characters in my drawings. In my art practice, I redraw photographs I take while observing daily life. This way, I‘m questioning the relationship between image and reality and the theatricality of such pictures.

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Laima Matuzonytė

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The Lithuanian Council for Culture

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