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nýmfur / völundarhús


attracted by their delicate body
eyes trying to focus, tiny silhouette

will you reach the exit / the surface?

its a trap,
next to me: heaps of ice, snow, salt, water, grass, stones, sand, shells, seaweed, crabs,

do you see any difference between you and them?

why do you seperate?

soft hearts beating in the rytthm of the waves
I count them, without beginning and ending

patterns that change with each wave

there it is.


nýmfur and völundarhús are drafts that show moments of the process I am recently working on at Sìm Residency. I am interested in possibilities of co-existence between different organisms, be it symbiotic, or disharmonicway to reverse the position of human being and confronts other living beings.
the focus for these works was in "bionics" or biologically inspired engineering - meaning the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. It can also be seen as imitation of "nature" - like the fishing bait as a copy of aquatic insects in their larval stage.

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Ida Huschke

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nýmfur / völundarhús

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