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My Humanoid Self, (Heavy) Metal

'My Humanoid Self, (Heavy) Metal' is about researching metals and questioning their self-evidence within a physical context.

By drinking metals from the crater water on different spots in Iceland, I realized that these metals are always present in my body and it became clear that these same metals are also used to produce (humanoid) robots. This consciousness marked the beginning of this research, arising out of the human need and necessity to absorb water, and thus metals.

For this new piece Ros explores different types of metal in the physical context, translated into natural and chemical bodies - human(oid) and crater - and each presented in a transformative stage of being.

This first visualization meant the start of this new work: My Humanoid Self, (Heavy) Metal.

Name :

Lisette Ros

Country :

The Netherlands

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My Humanoid Self, (Heavy) Metal

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