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My Hús is Your Hús

Human, house and nature are three things that I concern the most while in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was very interesting to know how Icelanders have a very high index of happiness in the world. It was also a magnificent place for a kind of peaceful yet sublime feeling.

In this project, I did several interviews with locals, I picked random people at the street, art museum, shops, etc. Thing i was really curious about is the people's minds and their consent of being a citizen whose country has a very high people happiness index. I was asking some questions regarding what makes them feel happy as Icelanders, what happiness defines for them, how they embrace and how the scape has been affecting their way of thinking & behaviour. Through the conversation, I found out that people there respects their government at the first place. They feel secure and never want to leave the island to live somewhere else. They feel blessed for all things they got, including the magnificent of the nature. I conclude that as a sense of balance.

By seeing those behaviour and way of life, I could feel the sense of balance. I see how the nature has a big role to the feeling. Yet the colorful house scape in Reykjavik has made up everyone's feeling. It was a melancholy experience to captured and manifest them thru art thus i tried to create a harmonious scape collage of the house (city) and the nature to get that balance composition, two different scapes which really took my eyes and gave that balance of feeling.

The composition of pieces of colorful houses as something more geometric and nature as the more organic one represents how that feeling felt so intense there. The house represents a symbol of security, as well as an important footage which I stare every day as part of my project journey, and the nature as greater symbol of blessing. Both represent one word that summarize this whole brief project; balance.

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Puri Fidhini

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My Hús is Your Hús

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