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Leave A Little Crevasse

This film is 6 different exercises that encompass filling crevasses of the human body. It is an expedition of the complex and fragile ways in which we share our bodies and habitats with others in times of crisis and political unrest. How are we filling the empty spaces we find in the deep chasms of the earth, and the metaphorical chasms we have within our thoughts and between us? We could find that creating deeper connections based on equality with our surroundings and other humans we can have a wider understanding of the roles we can play in forgetting the intangible and our perception of  nothingness. How do we relate to the things we cannot see and how do we forget the unexplored? How do we find ourselves relating to our own breath and the air?

"Air has been neglected from western philosophy because “air does not show itself. As such, it escapes appearing as a being. It allows itself to be forgotten. So it’s the air’s ubiquitous presence that becomes an absence and a path to oblivion." - Luce Irigaray

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Abby Wright

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Leave A Little Crevasse

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February - April

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