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Working with themes of heritage has been central to my current work and development. My practice engages with concepts of craft, material and place, initially motivated by an investigation of my own family heritage and material culture. Ultimately my current work looks to encourage its audience to consider how they interact with their own habitats,as well as our collective connections to heritage and tradition. This connection with heritage has translated into other recent projects and it was my intention to explore similar themes through my residency at SIM.

The landscape and environment I find myself in is hugely important to my work and development.While on residency the opportunity to research natural glazes(made from volcanic ash,basalt,pumice and bone) and continuing to explore northern fishing culture allowed me to reflect on materials, contemporary practice as well our collective connections to heritage and tradition.This was largely achieved through exploration,conversation and experimentation.

The opportunity to also research atmospheric firing while on residency specifically gas,wood, soda and salt, theory, principles of kiln design, construction and firing process greatly contributed to my understanding and maximizing of the nuances of atmospheric firing and its relationship to form and surface. I feel by its very nature atmospheric firing forges cohesiveness and symbolizes the intrinsically communal and collaborative aspects of ceramics.

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Kevin Andrew Morris

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