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If this is a sentence

If this is a sentence is a sentence

or is it.

What is a sentence?

When I asked the sentence

it folded.

If you read the folded piece, it will try to explain itself,

translate into norwegian and back to english, repeating itself until you decide to stop and look up.

"That is the human expression," says Gertrude Stein "saying the same thing and in insisting and we all insist varying the emphasising."

If this is a sentence

what if!

Material: Canson Calque paper (Tracing Paper), 70 g/m2
Performed at SÍM Gallery 28/01/23

Name :

Anna With

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Project :

If this is a sentence

Residency :


Month :

January - March

Year :


Grants :

Letterstedtska föreningen

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