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I found my island - bolide Z

Project: ''j'ai trouvé mon île - bolide Z / I found my island - bolide Z'' Is an expansionist project that is in keeping with its artistic approach. Today the project is becoming global. He wants to «project» other bolide Z to the surface of the earth. Initially, it targets the strategic points of volcanic and cultural islands. Each time, his body is used as a tool of this projection: he carries his bolide Z at their base. An enigmatic title The word «bolide» is the scientific name given to extraterrestrial bodies more than one meter in diameter. Their imposing size induces a specific phenomenon when they enter the atmosphere: they produce very intense lights, which can go from blue to red. The Z represents the artist’s signature, LO-renzo, while being a reference to the history of art and notably to the works of Lucio Fontana and Maurizio Cattelan. The number indicates that it is a series The particular pink used for the meteorite, called «pink LO-renzo», is the visual signature of the artist. it refers to the history of art and the famous IKB (International Blue Klein) by Yves Klein, created in the 1960s. A metaphor for artistic creation The work entitled bolide Z a metaphor for the poetic action of artists in the everyday world. It depicts their ability to question our certainties. Just like the extraterrestrials, bolide Z is an external element that disrupts and fertilizes an ecosystem. This pink and incandescent meteorite is an image of the artist who modifies the world and influences society. The artist restores to things a new meaning by the staggered gaze he bears on them.

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I found my island - bolide Z

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2017 - September, 2021 July, 2022 - May, 2023 - June - July

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Ministère de la Culture-DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Agence Culturelle Départementale Dordogne-Périgord, Ville de Terrasson Lavilledieu, Agence ED architecture, SOCRA

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