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Hydrotrope (Fifty-one cyanotypes on paper, 2019) presented at Lianzhou Foto Festival in China

Hydrotrope is a non-linear circular story about different forms water takes in Icelandic nature. The work is based on images taken during residency at SÍM in 2018 and 2019, and printed later in Helsinki, Finland.

Collecting souvenirs and photographs is a part of the experience of traveling and an artist’s working process. The hogged treasures are loaded with expectations about remembering. Digital photographs and found artefacts form an archive for creating art. The motifs of the imagery act as universal triggers: experiencing nature and viewing a representation of it share familiar attributes.

In my body of work, traditional methods of printmaking, photography and sculpture are assimilated with natural imprints. Organic shapes and materials feign truths about nature. However, these traces are deceptive as the works. They have been assembled from digital images and copies. Reproduction is characteristic of the techniques and used in both digitally and analogically. Cyanotype is a historic photographic process where light-sensitive emulsion is coated on the chosen surface, exposed in daylight and washed with water. The final print has a Prussian blue hue.

The installation shifts into a rendition of the state of our environment and its trajectory. Form responding to a generational experience and concern for this vista.

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Anna Niskanen

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May - June

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