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Have you ever seen the moment a rainbow disappears?

Mount Esjan fascinated me because it changes its appearance every day. The prevailing westerly winds blowing on the shoreline where I stroll and golf balls sinking in the sand. Seals sunbathed with me. The huge golf course that I could see from the building where I was staying and the golfers were trying to play golf regardless of the weather. I forgot to bring my plastic bag to the Bónus and bought a new one. In Reykjavik, I did not see any homeless people as I did in Japan. A Viking making furs, seen at the Saga Museum. There was no trash on the beach except for golf balls. The weather in Iceland is repeatedly rainy and unpredictable.
The time I spent here showed me that living here and everything I have lived through will be part of a constellation of my artwork. It might represent what happened to me in October 2021.

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Shin Itagaki

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Have you ever seen the moment a rainbow disappears?

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September / October

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