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Hands And Nails

As in a fever dream, the passion of life is linked to the outstanding landscape characteristics of Iceland. The music arises from a longing that tries to resist the heaviness of life or to surrender to it completely. Longing is a very broad concept that can be expressed in every vein and is never satisfied. A veil of feelings runs through the landscapes and episodes and allows the viewer to find a place for their own longing.

In the same breath of the protagonist, a heaviness develops in the film and images, a long journey is exhausting, especially if you don't know the destination.

“For at times it happens that some trifle will cause as much suffering to one as a great trial will to another; little things can bring much distress to persons who have sensitive natures. If you are not like them, do not fail to be compassionate.” - Teresa of Ávila

The project was supported by the Goethe Institute Fellowship and is a collaboration between the sister Rosa and Lili Anschuetz.

Name :

Rosa Anschuetz

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Germany, Berlin

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Hands And Nails

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Goethe Institute

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