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Fragile Land

This ongoing project is part of a wider photographic research that explores the impermanence of our natural surroundings and the fragility of natural environments. Inspired by the uniqueness of Icelandic nature, I have undertaken various photographic excursions during my residency to document the effects of the natural weathering on coastlines, glaciers, mountainsides, and, in particular, volcanic rock formations.

I am drawn to the idea of Iceland as a moving, breathing, and expanding landmass, that is constantly changing through the movements of tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions, and the melting of glaciers. This work in progress is composed of analog photographs and photographic prints made on expired photographic paper. Vintage photo paper fades and changes appearance over the years. The photographs in this series will disappear in the process, just as the places that I visited will be slowly washed away by time and, arguably, by our own present-day actions.

Name :

Silvia De Giorgi

Country :

Italy, Norway

Project :

Fragile Land

Residency :


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Grants :

Nordic Analog Network / Nordic Culture Point

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