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Faint Harmonic Tremor

For this ongoing project, I have, for the first time, dared to look into the scientific disciplines of volcanology/petrology. I have been directed to the Icelandic ecosystems and global warming's impact on Iceland's nature. The connectedness between the raw nature of the land and its fragility becomes perceivable through volcanic eruptions, the movement of tectonic plates, and the melting of glaciers.
During fieldwork, I have taken images of different stone formations, which (printed as images) serve as a score-like base. Volcanic, seismic sounds, field recordings (dripping water from melting glacier ice, rivers, birds, traffic), and Icelandic folk songs inspire my sound work presented as a 10min. composition.
A video depicting walks through Reykjavik and the Fagradalsfjall site is another result of my psychogeographic wanderings. This has been another way of immersing myself in field work and exploring the vast landscape of Iceland.

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Maike Zimmermann

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Faint Harmonic Tremor

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