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F. H. T. R

a mini-documentary about the experience of a 16-year-old boy Brian going from Hong Kong to Rarfarhöfn, a northern fishing town of Iceland, in the year of 2005. Brian is my classmates from high school and we share the same birthday. 17 years later, I travel to Rarfarhöfn to find his trace and what it means to have a young boy from far East Asia for the locals.

the film, currently in post-production, is conducted with interviews of Brian's host-family and the Rarfarhöfn locals, vignettes of the daily lives in the town, and memories. Shot on digital SLR and Super 8mm, color & bw, the film is aiming to be released in fall 2023.

Name :

Colleen-TungShuen Kwok

Country :

Hong Kong

Project :

F. H. T. R

Residency :


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Grants :

Hong Kong Arts Development Council
cultural exchange grant

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