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Emergency Memory

A Pensieve (a memory container)
Use in case of emergency

This project was born as an experiment to compare a collection of bodies. Through video, I wanted to expose them. I put together some odds and ends: an opaque projector, a loupe, some newspapers,a video projector, a metal drill, and the drawers of a fridge. Together they build a structure with eyes, a mouth, and intestine. To the new machine, that was now a body, I would say:

The flesh, the house, the land.

If I have mass, I have clocks. If I don't have clocks, I don’t have mass.

The bodies talk in this machine but they don't converse.

With the premise that there is no time without space, and vice versa, the spaces are the witnesses, and therefore they are shelter for the memories. They resound in the cave’s walls, in the kitchen, and in the oesophagous.

My body is similar to land, and land is similar to my body, and both are manifestations of life, as well as manifestations of time. This river flows through its channel as my blood runs through my veins.

A volcano, a cry that expands. Digestion.

I think something else: to know ourselves in time implies recognising a series of fixations in space and identifying the repeated patterns that from parents to children life manifests. ‘A familiar algorithm’, a strategy for survival in this village.

I suspect that there is crowd of ghosts talking. Each one has his own story to tell, of love, of loss, I see them in the mountains, in the caves, in the tides, impassible, as an echo standing in space, praying after death, a tale that comes as a loop. The landscape is a manifestation of their internal state. The landscape is an atmospheric manifestation of their consciousness.

I have a highway network. It isn’t clear how I can move through it. Sometimes I get stuck in a path, a thought comes, and I vanish to another place, a trip through time, when time-space folded, on childhood’s images.

It is true that some of the news in yesterday's newspapers was interesting: an increase in antimatter, the formation of the multiverse, a black hole, a grandmother saying goodbye...

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Judith Adataberna

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Emergency Memory

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