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Elaborate Sketches at Bunker Bérard

These works on paper explore the desire to observe and possess a narrative that isn’t rightfully mine.
Through the collection of found objects and images, the core of my work manifests itself as collage. Working from these assemblages, painting allows me to challenge the local narratives and relationships found amidst the fragmented images. What was impersonal now becomes a conflict of gesture and shape. Using see through paint application and and washes, the medium speaks of a residual tension between the initial narrative and its redefinition. The merging of forms, textures, colours and shapes reveal the complexities of a discomforting environment and result in a visual collection of domestic scenes evoking a sense of mutable time.

Name :

Michèle F. Bérard

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Project :

Elaborate Sketches at Bunker Bérard

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Month :

October - December

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