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Echoes of Melting Blue

In my practice-based research, I explore the profound impact of human behaviour, leaves an indelible mark on glaciers.

The colour blue, inherent to cyanotype and glaciers, symbolises the fading cold, vast, and otherworldly landscapes. It evokes tranquillity and melancholy while capturing the physicality of glacial ice. The hues of blue, set against melting glaciers, poignantly remind us of the fragility and impermanence of our natural world.

The materiality of the cyanotype serves as a conduit for exploration, deepening the connection between the viewer and the urgency of glacial melt, accentuating the delicate nature of our environment on the verge of irreversible change.

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Lingam. K

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Project :

Echoes of Melting Blue

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May / June

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