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If you are fascinated by earthquakes or volcanoes Iceland is the place to visit.
I have experienced earthquakes in different countries, and as they happen, I feel terrified and elated at the same time. On my first visit to Iceland I felt a tremor in Reykjavik and was again reminded of how fragile and amazing the earth can be.

For my project at SIM, I decided to make a visual map of everyday earthquakes that were actively felt and many that were not but recorded by a seismometer.

I brought to Iceland 2 reed bundles that open into spiral forms. I used them to represent the North America tectonic plates and the Eurasian one. I painted strips of paper red and every evening I would look up on the Volcano Discovery website the number of recorded earthquakes for that day.
In 26 days I noted 138 quakes that were reported by individuals, and 2,594 that were recorded on a seismometer. These quakes were not strong enough to be felt. Also on this map were the names of Icelandic volcanoes and the year they erupted.

Each evening I was excited to see how many earthquakes had taken place and was always happy that I never felt any of them. It is amazing how little we know of what goes on underneath us.

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