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Earth Constellation

The Earth Constellation piece is composed of various spheres made of plaster, which are deposited in the landscape. This action started in South Africa in 2017 and refers to The Nile Meridian mith, a set of sites where from a symbolic point of view, the Nile river imitates in its journey the Milky Way. Since the beginning of humanity we have contemplated the sky and told stories about the stars, the African continent is a source overflowing with traditions and stories in relation to the cosmos. In the origin myths of many African societies, the first beings descended from heaven, a world with powerful spirits and a creator god, believed to have special abilities these early ancestors founded communities and served as connectors between the realms of earth and heaven. The third constellation has been carried out in Iceland where a set of spheres have been deposited along Ring Road, a circular route that goes around the island.

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Mar Guerrero

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Earth Constellation

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