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Conducting the World

The series of paintings "Conducting the World" Linas Kaziulionis invites viewers to confront their perception of reality and question the validity of established truths. The artworks serve as visual allegories that hint at but never clearly define elements of conspiracy and fake news, leaving room for individual interpretation and introspection. Each painting has an evocative title, acting as a guide rather than an instruction, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the unfolding stories and form their own conclusions.
By exploring the paintings, viewers are encouraged to actively engage with each artwork, decode hidden meanings, and thin over the complex interplay of perception and belief, each painting providing a glimpse into the artist's deep exploration of truth, fiction, and the blurred boundaries between them. Embracing the ambiguity and inherent subjectivity of human experience, the artist invites viewers to confront their own preconceived notions and realize the complexity of the world around them.

Name :

Linas Kaziulionis

Country :


Project :

Conducting the World

Residency :


Month :

December - January

Year :

2023 - 2024

Grants :

Young Painter Prize

Website :

Email :

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