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Breiðamerkur-sandur in Diffraction

In Reykjavik its magic hour all day long. My time at Sím was spent researching the rich solar phenomena and effervescent landscape that bursts forth across the country. From the wellspring of rainbows to the fleeting opalescent colors in the night sky during the aurora, there is so much visual pleasure to soak in.

When visiting Breiðamerkursandur, a black sand beach where bits of glacier wash ashore, I started photographing these water-worn chunks through a diffraction lens. The effect on the ice revealed a symphony of sub-visual interactions — an emanating duende (i.e. “lifeforce”) responsible for the hypnotic attraction to the material surface of these waning icons.

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Kacie Lees

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United States

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Breiðamerkur-sandur in Diffraction

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