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Reflecting on water as a connecting and transcendent element, ’boundless’ in its essence, suggests the notion of water as an antidote to the human ego, which incessantly seeks separation. By perceiving water as a dissolving agent, capable of transforming and transcending boundaries while being integral to our bodies, the work proposes embracing a planetary perspective and dismantling the illusion of separateness.

Drawing from hydrofeminist philosophy, inspired by Astrida Neimanis, the work aims to foster solidarity among watery selves, across bodies of water. The flow and flush of water not only sustain our human bodies but also connect us to other beings and worlds beyond our human experience. The work delves into the body as a transitional form, a space of becoming.

The pop-up exhibition at SÍM Gallery showcases a work-in-progress created during a three-week residency at the Ljósmyndaskólinn darkroom, made possible by the Nordic Analog Network darkroom exchange program.

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Jenni Toivonen

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Nordic Analog Network
Kone Foundation

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