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When I'm in the city, I prioritize the convenience expediency and comfort of life and sometimes forget about the existence and importance of nature.
Humans are supported by nature, and nature is also supported by humans and vice versa.
Iceland, an island nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean in Northern Europe, is home to many volcanoes and suffers from eruption disasters, but there are other mysterious scenes born spawned from nature, such as lava and glaciers formed by them.
It is a very beautiful bewitching and powerful thing that cannot be easily touched.
In such an environment, the existence of invisible elves is believed and many stories have been born.
With this theme as the axis, I produced and published two video works, "NOISELESS" and "ASSIMILATE", as installations. In these videos, I tried to get as close to nature as possible, and in them, I am the invisible being that assimilates with nature.

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Elica Masuya

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