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An algae as a prosthesis

Surrounded by the ocean, lava fields and this intense climate, our bodies experience nature as if it unfolds in a science fiction of our reality. At each step the sensation of a stiff body rocking on an extinct lava field, on a disappeared glacier, on an iceberg beach. The salty wind on our cheeks. The step is lower. We meditate. We heal. We are resting. The light intensifies and the fog dispels it. The body is mingled with this murmur of the landscape. Nature offers a reinforcement to the body ready to fall. We sink into the moss to become one.
Permafrost as a new and ancient age. Posthumanism as biomimicry.
Our cells in transformation. A mutation. An Utopia. The reunion of two states of nature. The song of an ice cube. A new species. Exoskeleton as resilience.

I work with the concept of low-optimality which translates biologically into our cells. To better adapt our cells promote error and highlight inefficiency, redundancy, randomness, heterogeneity and slowness. In biology it is weakness that creates robustness. My pieces witness to this. There is an architectural dimension in my environments which is the link between the biology of our body, the environment and nature. I use light and sound as an immersive space and sculptures as a sensory space. I take care to select industrial and natural materials for hybridizing them.

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Naomi Maury

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An algae as a prosthesis

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