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A Strange Assemblage of Wires & Water

Whilst it is a common perception that the internet is intangible, it is in fact the biggest, and heaviest machine ever built. In 2019 Google consumed 3.4billion gallons of water for cooling data servers.

The piece explores the materiality of natural flows and data flows. Each pool of water is linked to the sound of either a sonified data stream or a sound relating to natural flows; water, blood, breath. These are triggered when the water is touched, creating a polyphonic sound piece. It uses unorthodox interaction and very visible electronics to break the illusion of intangible technology.

Data Stream Credits:
- Sonified live stream of edits made to Wikipedia sampled from Hatnote, created by Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi.

- String quartet playing rising climate temperature data since the 1880s. Written by Daniel Crawford, performed by students at the University of Minnesota.

Name :

Miranda Marcus

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United Kingdom

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A Strange Assemblage of Wires & Water

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