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A Consideration (of Volcanic Nature)

In the first month at SIM I did a performance called a ‘consideration’. My fellow residents, defined as ‘seekers’ were asked to quiet the mind and locate a secret within. Together, we will create a void in waking reality that allows for new growth -- only you know what you need. They each chose a sculpture, defined as an ‘option’, that I made in collaboration with time and a distant volcano; igneous pieces of basalt, having formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Paint made of red ochre collected from below the outdoor stairs of the residence was added to each option in order to locate the time and place. Seekers placed their option on a chosen part of the body while internally considering its physical properties and current state of existence. We took a firm grip on it, listened to it, smelled it, tasted it. Did it tell you something? Through this exercise we visualized individual desires as planetary wonders that merged with and found a home in the options. In my final week of the residency, and six months later, I threw the options into the lava flow of the currently erupting volcano in a gesture of reflection and transmutation. May we be free from the burden of desire.

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Christalena Hughmanick

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United States

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A Consideration (of Volcanic Nature)

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November - April

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