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What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire

"What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through The Fire" is a handmade book comprised of the artists at Sim Residency, and their research throughout the month of March, 2021. We collected everyone's written research along with photographs they were willing to share from their journey through the entire month. As a collective we scanned the photographs and text through a xerox to make a new body of work together. We also scanned our faces and other parts of our body on the xerox located at the SIM Guest House. John Manceau and Abby Wright then collaged the work into a scrapbook.

Sadie Cook
Svandis Egilsdóttir
Christalena Hughmanick
Yannis Karpouzis (and his poem translated by Paul Gibson)
John Manceau
Lisette Ros
Abby Wright

And a special appearance by Michael Richardt's elbow

Publication L'effet Papillon

Abby Wright and John Manceau