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............. is a sculptural performance that attempts to capture the temporal quality in Olafur Eliasson's Waterfalls (2008 & 2016).

Inspired by the the controversial silence in 4'33" by John Cage (1952) and the audacious juxtaposition in Wheatfield - A Confrontation by Agnes Denes (1982), I wanted to explore ways to give the materials I use a semantic elasticity, by contrasting extravagance and power with radical simplicity and gentle resistance.

During my process I contemplated our collective relationship to water and our role within it as vibrational instruments of change.

Performed at SíM Open Space, June 27, 2023
Duration: Approx. 4min30sec

Name :

Maria Esthela

Country :

Honduras / Canada

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Month :

May - June

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